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The Primary Care Question Bank is an online portal of 1000 practice questions so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

Think of it like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” only real-deal NP style! It’s a tool to boost your exam prep that you can take on the go, wherever you are (and have access to a mobile device).

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New & Unfamiliar Topics for $39.99/month

Whether you’re studying for FNP or AGNP, this question bank is for you.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere!

How does it work?

Personalized Learning

Everyone learns differently. Pick your own topics and go at your own pace! You can test by body system or testing domain- whichever you need the most help with!

Stay Motivated With Your Stats

Watch your scores rise as you master new and unfamiliar topics and see what areas need to be improved.

Receive Immediate Grading

Instantly see which answers you get correct in study mode. When you miss a question, we’ll quickly show you how to improve.

Improve Quickly

This method is tried and true from my own experience as a nurse practitioner student and the transition to working as a Real Deal NP!

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The questions are first categorized by “study mode” or “exam mode.” In study mode, you will be able to see the rationale immediately after answering the question. In exam mode, you will not see the correct answers and rationales until the full exam is complete.

In addition, we have questions divided into age categories so AGNP students can easily skip the pediatric content. The questions are divided by adult, geriatric, pediatric, and professional role. You can then select to learn by either body system (Ex. Cardiac, Respiratory, etc) or testing domain (Ex. Assessment, Diagnosis, etc).

Login to your question bank account (not your course account!), click the “my account” tab, click “subscriptions,” and then on the right hand side you should see the “cancel” button.

You can retake the quizzes as many times as you would like. We offer a one time reset of your entire account via email request at

This is coming soon, but for now you can see individual exam performance under your statistics tab on the home screen.

There are three full length FNP exams, and 2 full length AGNP exams available! These are 175 questions each.

Yes, after each question in study mode, you get a full rationale to cover the details.

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